Avian Exploration Begins Here at TMR

Embark on an exceptional bird-watching experience surrounded by the vibrant songs of rare species, such as the captivating Snowcap hummingbird, and an array of other intriguing birds.


Venture out on an extraordinary birding journey at TMR, where you have the chance to encounter a variety of rare avian species. Our sanctuary is known for its diverse bird population, including beautiful treasures like the Snowcap hummingbird, renowned for its stunning iridescence.

Keep your senses sharp for sightings of the majestic Trogons, the graceful Little Tinamou, and the colorful Tawny Chested Flycatcher, as they flit through the dense foliage. Listen for the melodious songs of wrens and watch for the elegant White-tipped Sicklebill among the native flowers.

If you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the impressive wingspan of raptors soaring overhead, or perhaps spy the stealthy Barred Forest Falcon hunting in the canopy! While encounters with these rare birds are not guaranteed, every moment spent exploring our sanctuary brings you closer to the wonders of the natural world.

No matter if you are an avid birder or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, Tayutic Mountain Reserve offers an unforgettable opportunity to connect with some of the most extraordinary birds in their natural habitat.

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Local Bird Guides

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Whether visiting TMR, or another eBird hotspot here in beautiful Tayutic, Turrialba, or anywhere in Costa Rica, enhance your birdwatching experience by booking a bird tour guide. Bird guides offer invaluable expertise in spotting elusive species and understanding bird behavior.

Contact details for several highly recommended bird guides are listed below. You can reach out to them directly to schedule your bird tour, or we can help connect you -- simply contact us!

1. Herman Venegas

(+506) 8893-4847

2. Jennifer Campos

(+506) 8646-8016

3. Harry Barnard

(+506) 8680-2592

4. Mercedes Alpizar Barnard

(+506) 8580-3690

5. Cali Sojo

(+506) 8571-6877

6. Fabian Torres

(+506) 7104-3121

7. Steven Aguilar Montenegro

(+506) 8736-7401

Explore the Birds of Tayutic Mountain Reserve

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Come and explore the beauty of the reserve, stroll along trails and experience the flourishing natural surroundings.

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